Our Mission Statement is uniquely ours. We are a collaborative, committed, and compassionate group of people who are moved to action by the crisis in TX area shelters. A crisis that takes the lives of thousands of innocent dogs every year. Our focus is to save the unsaveable, to rehabilitate the damaged, and to run towards hard medical cases, rather than away from them. We stand behind the quality of care and lives saved versus the quantity, and we remain steadfastly dedicated to Pitbulls and Chihuahuas, as their circumstances are often incredibly bleak. We strive to educate without judgement, to seek to understand rather than to respond, and to prepare our network of fosters and families for the most life changing experience they will ever know; to provide these innocent souls with their best possible forever. Our goal remains unchanged and our devotion unwavering. 1000+ lives saved…and counting. Help us help them, and make “Man’s best friend, Human’s best friend”.
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