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Welcome! We're so exicted that you're considering one of our deserving adoptable dogs. BPR dogs are all pulled from local animal shelters and housed by Foster Parents while with our rescue. Many of our dogs were pulled from the Euthanasia list for being at the shelter too long, being misunderstood, or simply for being scared at the shelter. We take them into our homes and  rehabilitate them in order to prepare them to go their forever homes! All our dogs are full vacinated, spayed or neutered, heartworm tested (and treated if neccesary), and our foster parents are able to provide potential adopters with a real time profile and analysis of potential pets!

For every dog that we rescue and adopt out we are making room for more dogs to come into the rescue and local shelters and get another opportunity at life! 
0-6 months

7-12 months

Browse through our adoptables dog and read about their personalities or come by one of our adoption events and meet our adoptable dogs in person!
Over 8 years $175.00 

13 months-8 years $200.00

Did you meet or see a dog your interested in? Fill out our adoption application! Once received someone will be in contact with you to discuss!
Meet & Greet! Once your application has been approved we will arrange a meet and greet between you and your potential pup and their foster parents!
Adoption Application
Home Check! A member of our rescue will conduct a home check to make sure the environment is suitable for a pet, meet any existing pets, and get to know you further!
Home Trial! Your potential dog will come stay with you for a 10 day trial period. During this time you'll be able to see them in your home and ensure that they are the right fit for you and your family!