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Bull-Luv-Able Paws & Chi Wawas Rescue (BPR) is a shelterless rescue group and our mission is to save lives. This is made possible by a network of incredible foster families who open their hearts and homes to care for our rescues. There are always animals in need and together we are able to give loving dogs a chance to find their furever homes.​

If you would like to fill out a phyiscal copy of our application please download and print off the application from the link provided below. Completed applications can be emailed to fosters@bullluvablepaws.org
Application Download ​​

Foster Application

*Denotes required field for form submission
Full Name *
Number of animals you can foster *
If you have a preference for specific animals please list them here (Name, Shelter, & Shelter ID #'s)
If any of the animals you specified are unavailable, are you open to substitution (Y/N)?
Restrictions on the type of animal you can foster (ex. No dogs over 30lbs, only adults dogs, etc.)
Where will your foster animals sleep at night? *
Where will your foster animals will stay during the day when you are at home? *
Phone Number *
Street Address*
City *
State *
Zip Code *
Email *
Driver's License Number
DL State of Issuance
Name, address and telephone number of my employer (or business, if self-employed) *
Position at current employer *
Length of time with this employer *
Do you own your current place of residence or rent? *
Are you allowed to bring animals into your dwelling? *
Landlord's Name & Telephone Number
Length of time at this residence
Do you have a fenced in yard (Y/N)? *
What is the height of the fence and what is the fence made out of?
Does the fence have a gate and/or lock? If yes, please provide a descripton of the latching and locking mechanism
Do you have any other companion animals at your home? (Y/N) *
Details for All companion Animals (Name, Age, Species, Breed, Gender)
If your companion animal has lived in your home in the last 5 years but is no longer with you, what happened to him/her?
Please indicate if your companion animals have been spayed/neutered, bred in the past, or are currently breeding.
Please indicate if you have had elective surgery performed on this animal (ex. cat declawed, dog debarked, etc.)
Where did you find/receive your companion animals?
What percentage of time does he/she spends outside?
Where does he/she sleeps at night?
Where does he/she stay during the day when you are home?
Where does he/she stay during the day when you are not home?
Please indicate vaccinations administered to your current companion animals and when they were administered
Please list the name of the veterinarian(s) you use for your companion animal(s)
How long have you been a clinic at your current veterinarian?
Do you have any children in the house? If so, how many and what are their ages? *
Please list all people living in the house and/or who will have regular contact with your animals
Please list at least (2) references that are not related to you (Name & Contact info) *
Veterinarian Phone Number
I Agree
 By submitting this information you are agreeing that that all
statements in this application are made based on personal knowledge and are made for purposes of your
application to foster one or more animals through BPR’S foster care program. Further, you understand that BPR is very concerned about the security and safety of your foster animal and all the
animals in its custody, as well as its ability to keep track of all animals rescued. You understand BPR will not
share this information for any reasons not connected to the foster care program or applicable lawsuits.

**Email will be the primary method of communication from Shelter, if you do not check email regularly please tell us how to best get in touch with you.