Age: Adult
Sex: Male
Breed(s): Cattle Dog/Lab Mix
Size: Large
Meet Pax the smiling pup! He is the happiest guy you'll ever know and will fill your life with joy. Even though Pax landed himself in the shelter and his time was running out, he never let that get him down. He is super affectionate and loving. He’s playful, but laid back and is totally happy lounging on the couch all day. He loves chew toys and peanut butter and any treats. He's very smart and picks up on commands very quickly. He currently knows “sit” “stay” and “leave it”. 

Pax is fixed, crate trained, housebroken and has shown no signs of separation anxiety according to his foster family. He is great with other people and dogs, but shows a little too much interest in cats at time. Pax is a little overweight at 73lbs, so he is getting into shape and will be ready to make you smile soon.

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