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Missy Redding

Hi I’m Missy Redding,

President and Co-Founder of BPR.

I’m married to my bestie, am a mom to my beloved Ryan and Nikolas and a dog mom to Jane, Cheech, Matilda and Otis Sunshine.  I have an amazing granddaughter who is a dog rescuer in training. 

One of my greatest gifts in life is to be aligned with these amazing women and men, who we call Team BPR. I’m exponentially better with them surrounding me, making this team work like dream work! All things are possible with love. I’m Blessed, thankful, grateful.


Karen Jenkins

Karen - Co-founder. I love BPR because we have no fear in rescue. We run towards hard cases, medical cases, and abuse cases. We have a devoted team that is committed to changing the lives of every dog we touch. This team is a family and I’m proud to be part of such an amazing mission. 

I was born in MT but came to TX in 2009 and have been involved in rescue since then. I work for Capital One and have a beautiful daughter, Jeanae and 6 wonderful rescue dogs. I enjoy running, DIY, and scary movies and I foster for BPR whenever I can.


Krisha Nelson

My name is Krisha Nelson and I’m the Vice President here at BPR! I’m 41 years old and have 4 pups of my own and foster as well! I work for BNSF Railway as a train dispatcher when I’m not volunteering for this amazing rescue! I was born and raised in Minnesota and Texas is the 6th state I’ve lived in! BPR has an amazing supportive team that is more like family! Being a transplant with no family here has made Texas feel like home and I know these amazing pups


Taylor Medler

My name is Taylor Medler. Pictured with me is BPR Alumni and Foster Fail, Flower! 🐶 I have been with this amazing group since 2017. I am the Home Visit Coordinator for the group and a foster mom. 

What sets BPR apart for me is the people. We have truly become a family. Everyone is very giving and willing to help at the drop of a hat, whether it’s for a dog in need, a member of the group, or sometimes even strangers when the need arises. 

I’m beyond thankful to be a part of this group of like minded people, doing our part to make a difference in the community and saving as many dogs as possible. 💜


Lori Arellano

I’m Lori Arellano and my involvement here came easy as I adopted this beautiful boy Grady in 2021 from BPR .  I love dogs and have had dogs all my life.  I currently have 4 dogs who are my world! I began volunteering with BPR in efforts to assist in the abundance of dogs in Texas in crisis needing our help to find their forever homes.


Charlotte Griffin

I am a foster mom for BPR and also help with social media. I have been lucky enough to foster 19 dogs so far and have two pups of my own. I love that with BPR I’m able to give animals a second chance that they otherwise wouldn’t receive. It’s so rewarding seeing a dog that was once shut down in the shelter, come out of their shell and learn what life is. Outside of rescue, you can find me eating tacos and queso, doing home reno projects, and crafting.


Ernie Smith

Ernie Smith, RescueMe adoption site admin and Foster Coordinator. Currently has five dogs; Jackson, Clover, Mela, Maya and Pepper. Married and has a daughter and twin boys. Love BPR because we have a great team of animals lovers.


Andrea Ellis

Hi I’m Andrea Ellis. The picture is me and my BPR foster fail Weezy, or Queen Weezy as she is known in my house  lol. I am the adopt a pet admin for BPR. I am originally from Scotland but lived in Texas for 50 years. I retired from American Airlines after 38 years and moved to Northern California to be nearer to my sons. I love the BPR team they are the best rescue I have ever dealt with, their passion and love for the dogs is off the charts and I miss being involved and fostering for them. Missy runs a great rescue that is all about the dogs and she allows nothing to get in the way and is so careful about the homes her rescues go to. I will cherish my memories  with BPR.  ❤️


Chelsey White

My name is Chelsey and I’ve been with BPR since June of 2021.  I’m 37 and have two dogs (one of which was a foster fail with BPR).  I grew up in NH and, after living in 8 states, decided to buy my first home in a small town south of Fort Worth.  I work in logistics full time, bartend for private events and weddings part-time, and volunteer my remaining time to the rescue!  BPR has welcomed me with open arms and always provided any support I needed while fostering.  Although I don’t have room for any more fosters in my house, I support the team by helping with their social media accounts, transporting dogs to events, and/or filling in any special needs or requests anyone has!


Stacy Howard

Hi, I’m Stacy Howard.  I’m a Foster Coordinator with this wonderful rescue!  Overall, I’ve been rescuing, fostering, volunteering, transporting, supporting, and loving on so many dogs in need that I’ve lost count ❤️🐾 It’s a passion...not a job...and I love it! 

I love our team because we are all dog-loving, people-supporting, like-minded individuals, who sacrifice and truly love saving and helping these beautiful dogs, who otherwise, don’t have a voice.On the side 😉 I’m a Logistics Specialist for a telecom company.  I’m about to celebrate 25 years, and I feel very blessed to work for such a great company!  I have 3 sweet girlie dogs, Emma, Buffi and Molly, who I love to spend time with and spoil 💜💜💜


Marisa Sandham

My name is Marisa Sandham and I am the Lead Foster Coordinator for BPR. I’m a proud fur and feather mama to my rescues - four dogs, a cat, a bird, and a flock of chickens! I work in law enforcement and have always had a calling to help others. I have volunteered in animal shelters and with rescues since 2010, and with BullLuvAble Paws and Chi Wawas Rescue since 2018. 

It is my passion to be a voice for the voiceless and BPR gives me the opportunity to do just that. Being a Jersey girl, born and raised, BPR has become my Texas family. It is incredible to work with a group of individuals who love saving animals as much as I do!


Denise Wayland

My name is Denise Wayland and I have been with BPR group for about 5 years my title is Contract Coordinator. My job is once a pup is ready to be adopted I send out the contract to the adopters and make sure it is returned back with the fees paid.  I post on our site to let everyone know that pup has been adopted. When I joined this group I had no idea rescue even existed although I always loved animals. I'm so happy to be a part of this group I've learned so much made some wonderful friends. It's a great feeling seeing all the pups we save every year.  Our group goes above and beyond to save these pups.  I am proud to say I am with this rescue.


Taylor Staunton

Official Board Trainer

I am a balanced dog trainer who specializes in obedience and behavior modification. I help dogs and their owners strengthen their companionship through in-home training sessions and group training sessions. My services also include Training Day Camp, Board and Train and Boarding. I look forward to getting to know you and your dog!



Hi. My name is Jeffrey. I joined Team BPR in 2019 after seeing my girl Whiskey available for adoption. Since we both have a limb difference I knew she’d be the perfect pup for me. Little did I know I actually needed her as much as she needed me! 

We adopted Whiskey and then nearly one year later foster failed our derby Dude, Oakley. I am a proud father, newly engaged and a business executive by day. By night, I’m a foster coordinator for Team BPR!! 

Team BPR is an amazing team that feels like family! I’m also what most call “the entertainment”!!


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